I’m Anna. I studied Sociology & Anthropology in school. I did a stint in the Peace Corps, and now I spend too much time online. Bienvenidos a mi blog. I post/reblog things I like: graff, street art, architecture, cupcakes, decay, New York City, abandoned buildings, beautiful landscape, cute animals, and even a few quality quotes . I always try to link pictures to their original source, but if I posted a pic that belongs to you, and you don't want it here, please tell me, and I will remove it ASAP. Also, I'm happily married, so creepers, please get off my nutz. :)
untitled by tuna bites on Flickr.

untitled by tuna bites on Flickr.

‎You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen. But if you are beautiful at sixty, it will be your soul’s own doing.
Marie Stopes (via theladycheeky)

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The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.
St. Augustine (354–430)

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People talk about ‘dysfunctional’ families; I’ve never seen any other kind.
Sue Grafton
The only infallible truth of our lives is that everything we love in life will be taken from us.
Dave Eggers
message by Helen K on Flickr.

message by Helen K on Flickr.

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Yes, John, I agree. 

Yes, John, I agree. 

Only when the last tree has died
and the last river has been poisoned
and the last fish has been caught
will we realize
we cannot eat money.