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Wolfgang Stiller‘s series Matchstickmen are a depiction of people that are literally burnt out.  The sculptures  resemble giant match sticks, the charred match head like a human head, ignited and tossed about the gallery.  A play on the phrase ‘burnt out’, the series comments on the unending demand of human labor.  Interestingly, the installation was created while the German artist was living in China.  However, Stiller says of the work:

'I don’t want to see it only as a critique on the Chinese system. Any other system in the world has the same problem. Big companies exploit their employees to make larger profits, all over the world. As long as we have affordable T-shirts or sneakers, we don’t really want to know whether they are made by children in India or not.'”

(Source: beautifuldecay.com)

Posted on March 5th, 2013
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